Over 20 years ago, my very conservative uncle told me about Rush Limbaugh. Someone he had listened to for many years. I started listening at first was in shock. Who is this man not afraid to share his principles? He’s was not threatened by cancel culture. He’s not sad about those that hate him. As I listened, I started to believe the same things. Like me or not, I won’t apologize for my principles.  

Let me clarify I have always been conservative. However, it wasn’t until I started listening to Rush Limbaugh that I was not afraid to share my principles and try to sway others to join me on this side – the right side. 

I still hear his voice and his lessons. He taught me to never compromise my principles, and he truly believed “the best is yet to come!” He looked to the future and reassured those in the GOP that the country and our constitution are strong. 

To this day, I still remember a caller on his radio show telling him how he feels McCain is the right choice because he reaches across the aisle. I encourage you to click over to his site and read his entire fantastic response. 

He starts out by explaining how Big Government is not Conservatism, and it will not work. This is something that I think we need to start bringing back and keeping it around even when the GOP is in control again.

“RUSH: Let me tell you something. I’m listening to you with a great deal of patience and a great deal of restraint. We are at a crucial juncture in this country. As the left is currently constituted, there’s not one step across the aisle worth taking. The biggest problem that we face is that too many on our side have a convoluted impression of the success inherent in crossing the aisle, as you have just expressed. There are some on our side, mostly in the media, who want to tout the advantages of a Big Government run by conservatives, that they cancel each other out. There’s no such thing as a Big Government run by conservatives that stays big and is big on purpose and grows. That’s not what Conservatism is. The idea of crossing the line, let them cross the line. How come they never cross the line? Why is it always up to us? How come when we start criticizing things in the world, why do we always start criticizing ourselves first?”

Rush then addresses the idea of rebranding the party. I want to be clear that Trump-principles are not rebranding. The Republican party is about freedom, including smaller government, lower taxes, American exceptionalism, and the 2nd amendment. Voting out swamp-like members that don’t support those principles should be part of the strategy. Members that care more about staying in power than the people who vote for them should be voted out – Democrat or Republican. That’s not rebranding.  

“There isn’t a new kind. There’s only one. Conservatism doesn’t need revisions. Conservatism is founded in individual liberty and freedom. As such, it will never go out of style. When we start crossing the aisle with these people — and by that, I mean accepting their version of things — if we’re compromising principle in the process, then we are harming ourselves and we’re harming the country. “

Rush ends the segment with these remarkable words about Conservatism, and I think this is how I will end as well. His voice will always be remembered. Rush was indeed a legend, and I’m deeply sorry to his family. I will pray they will find peace knowing that Rush is in Heaven and no longer in pain.

“Conservatism articulated properly and with passion, love for the country, American exceptionalism will attract a crowd. But when it’s not articulated by elected leaders or people seeking office, then it’s dormant. And then furthermore, when people in the conservatism movement, because they can’t find elected leaders to articulate it start saying, ‘Well, okay, let’s redefine Conservatism, and let’s now say that Conservatism has gotta find a way to attach itself to things like the New Deal. Conservatism has to find a way to attach itself to entitlements so that the working class knows that we like ’em and we’re not against’ em.’ It’s going to delay the eventual rebirth and salvation of the country, just going to delay it. I’m telling you here and now, crossing the aisle and working with the left is not going to make this country better, it’s not going to improve, and it isn’t going to do much for you.”