The Republican primary is already starting to fight to keep the Ohio Senate seat. Senator Rob Portman has announced he won’t run for election again in 2022, which has opened the door for some new names. I’m not depressed about that decision, and I think he would’ve probably been primaried anyway. 

Republican Jane Timken, the former Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, says she cleaned house in the Ohio Republican Party. 

“Before she became Chairman, John Kasich had transformed the party organization into an anti-Trump mess. With the support of President Trump, Jane cleaned house, got rid of the Kasich decay, and completely transformed the Party into a well-oiled machine that won conservative victories and advanced an America First agenda at every level – and delivered a second victory for President Trump in our state.”

Peter Navarro also tweeted that “She is pure MAGA and as smart and down home as they come.”


Other candidates that have been mentioned are Republican Former state Treasurer Josh Mandel, Republican Businessman Mike Gibbons, Republican U.S. Representative for Ohio’s 15th congressional district Steve Stivers, and Democrat Franklin County Recorder Danny O’Connor.

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Featured Image Source from Jane Timken’s Twitter cover photo