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It’s the Friday after election… who won? 🧐

Posted: Friday, Nov 11, 2022 at 6 pm

Only in America do we have to wait a week for results to our election. 

1/ Election night in America has turned into election week or month

The elections took place four days ago, and we still have TONS of seats uncalled, including two governors, four senators, and double-digit US House Representatives. Stuck in rank-choice hell is Alaska, and the tabulation happens on Wednesday, November 23rd. We do know the winner will be GOP. However, we don’t know who will win the runoff in Georgia that will be held on December 6th. Alaska and Nevada are still counting election day and mail-in ballots. You heard that right. The Friday after the election, we are still counting the votes. Ackchyually we’re still counting in multiple states. (PoliticoNBC NewsUS News)

2/ Blaming for the red wave that wasn’t

Since the red wave ended up being a mirage, the blame has been dialed up to 100. We have people blaming Trump, Trump blaming our best candidates. GOP senators are blaming McConnell and slowing down in leadership meetings. The right found out the abortion issue was bigger than expected. The left finally found an issue to get young voters to the polls. Whether the GOP will recognize its failures and win bigger in 2024 is still to be seen. (CNNLegal InsurrectionFox NewsPolitico)

3/ Michigan no longer a battleground state

Michigan may have taken the most significant hit in the country. Democrats will control the Michigan house, senate, and keep the governor’s office. You will see more gun controlless school choicerepealing right-to-work, and every other progressive dream.  

In Michigan, “the day before the debate, over 770,000 absentee ballots had been returned to election clerks and nearly 1.8 million total already had been sent to voters.” 

Republicans must play the same games as democrats, including the extended voting periods. Democrats have changed the rules, and if we don’t play by them, we will continue to lose. Current voter ID rules were added to the Michigan Constitution when 60 percent of voters on Tuesday approved the voting rights measure that will also allow for up to nine days of early voting in future elections. Take advantage of this or fail every election. These losses will be felt for years. (WSJThe State NewsMLiveHuffpost