“Congress has spent all the money, long ago,” Senator Rand Paul says in a speech on the floor about the COVID relief bill. He continues, “today’s money is gone, so congress is spending tomorrow’s money.”

When you think of Senator Rand Paul, the first thing that comes to mind is his extreme hate for government waste. Every year he releases a Festivus Waste report, and he did that yesterday. Congress didn’t disappoint, and this year they outdid themselves. It highlights over $54 billion in government waste! He also decided to tweet out a few things from the report. It might help if you prepare to be disgusted with how much the government wastes your tax dollars. 

On Monday, he shared his thoughts about the COVID relief bill and his disgust with the 5000+ page bill that did everything but helped those who need it. The speech is great, if you haven’t heard it yet have a listen.